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    Were You A Victim Of Your Insurance Company Denying or Underpaying Your Hail Damage Claim?

    At the Moore Law Firm, we’ve seen countless cases all over South Texas where insurance companies have denied, delayed, and underpaid rightful claims by property owners who were victims in other hail and windstorms that caused upwards of tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. These practices are illegal and you’ve already paid enough in premiums and payments to your insurance company. It’s time to make your insurance company pay up.

    Insurance Companies Should Pay Your Legitimate Hail Claims

    In 2013, State Farm, alone, made $68.3 BILLION in revenue. To put that into perspective, that’s more than McDonald’s, Nike, and Visa COMBINED! At the end of the day, an insurance company is just another business trying to make a profit, even if that means breaking the law by rejecting your rightful claim.

    Over 6,500 cases have already been filed with the County District Courts all over South Texas. Those are over 6,500 different rejected claims, over 6,500 different families, over 6,500 different stories of how every-day, hardworking, insurance premium paying people like the good citizens of South Texas were unjustly rejected and left to pay for their leaky roofs, broken windows, torn up fences, and damaged homes out of their own pocket by their multi-billion dollar insurance company.

    Our dedicated, insurance fighting attorneys at the Moore Law Firm think enough is enough.

    So What Do I Do If My Hail Damage Claim Was Denied, Delayed, Or Underpaid?

    Call the Hailstorm Lawyers at The Moore Law Firm immediately. Insurance companies may be potentially held liable for up to three times the damages for acting in bad faith and may potentially even pay your attorney’s fees. We are here to help you navigate the insurance claims process. You may possibly be owed much more than you have already been paid by your insurance.

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